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Education Assistance

Skills are the business currency of today. South African companies are constantly looking for candidates with up-to-date skills. The demand exceeds the supply.

The personal financial and time investment in education and  training is often unobtainable for temporary and flexible staff due to the nature of their work i.e. contract duration and flexible hours and access to company funded education and training often not an opportunity afforded them due to their temporary status with the client.

It is for these reasons that Khatala Staffing has taken decisive action by introducing an Education Assistance Scheme through which it will award a total of eight (8) grants annually enabling our staff to grow personally, professionaly and financially.

This intervention is part of Khatala Staffing Social Investment Strategy to make a meaningful contribution in improving the lives of our temporary and flexible staff and to demonstrate how much we value them.

education assistance

Subject to availability of funds, a total of eight (8) needs based grants will be paid out per annum.

  • Five grants each worth R3000.00 will be awarded for undergraduate or graduate educational pursuits and
  • Three (3) grants worth R1550.00 each will be awarded to qualifying students at a technical college or certificate courses.

Khatala Staffing Managers and Directors retain the right to change the scheme in part or in total as and when we deem fit to do so without any prior notification.
Criteria to determine successful applicants:

  • Twelve (12) months uninterrupted service and actively registered and on assignment with Khatala Staffing
  • Number of dependents
  • Previously Disadvantaged Groups
  • Temp Agents monthly salary
  • Spouses Income
  • Field of study

Further terms:

  • The grant cannot be used to pay fees owed from previous studies
  • Invitations to apply will be sent between January and March of each year, inviting all interested parties to apply for the study grants.
  • Closing date for the application shall be 1 April of each year and successful applicants will be announced on 1 May of each year.
  • The adjudication of the application shall be done by the Khatala Staffing office and they shall reserve the right to co-opt external experts.
  • The decision of the adjudicating panel shall be final and no correspondence shall be entered into regarding the merits of applications and/or the final outcome as decided by them.
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