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Maternity Care Assistance

Many temporary and flexible staff earn little or no maternity leave benefits. Recruitment agencies offering benefits beyond statutory requirements is seldom heard of and extended maternity benefits almost nonexistent.

It is our belief at Khatala Staffing that when temporary and flexible staff are offered benefits equivalent to that of permanent staff that their performance, morale, loyalty and livelihood is ensured.

Our Maternity Care Assistance benefit pays expectant mothers working for us at the time of confinement, financial aid for the needs of preparing for their new children.

This benefit aims to provide Maternity Care Assistance to qualifying female temporary and flexible staff of Khatala Staffing with a good work record and with at least twelve (12) months continuous (uninterrupted) service prior to the date of confinement.

maternity care benefit

  • All claims must be submitted to Khatala Staffing within six (6) months from the date of confinement.
  • A once-off payment of R750.00 per pregnancy will be paid within seven (7) days after the required Application for Maternity Care Assistance form has been completed and submitted to Khatala Staffing with the following supporting ducumentation:
    • Copy of mother’s ID.
    • Should the surname of the child differ from the applicant, a copy of the father’s ID will be required,
    • The birth certificate or a copy of a document from a registered Medical Practitioner certifying the confinement,
    • A document from the client at whose site the mother is currently working, verifying the period to be off work, as a result of confinement.
  • No paternity claim from any member or spouse will be accepted in respect of the Maternity Care Assistance.
  • The benefit is limited to 2 (two) claims per staff member – actively registered and employed by Khatala Staffing.


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