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Performance Appraisal Programme

We believe that Khatala Staffing is only as good as our people and it is our responsibility to manage, motivate and reward good performance. It is for these reasons that Khatala Staffing has invested in a Performance Appraisal Programme designed to deliver the following outcomes:

  • Motivate, recognise and reward top performance,
  • Build morale and create a sense of purpose and community,
  • Identify training needs,
  • Assist team leadersm superiors and management in their operational management, communication and feedback,
  • Identify top performers for possible promotion and career growth with equitable compensation and opportunities,
  • Identify poor performers for management interventions to up-skill or discipline,
  • Create a culture of performance that is both quantitive and qualitative and that translates into soft and hard skills


It is a programme that relies on true partnership with our clients:

  • Identifying the key performance areas of the various job types we place candidates in (these can be customised and unique per client),
  • Assessing these key performance areas on a schedule that suits the clients’ requirements depending on the duration of the contract; customised, monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly


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