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Dependent Care Assistance

We identify and value the benefit of mothers in the workplace.  Their loyalty, strong work ethic, experience and maturity provide the soft skills that are often lacking in younger inexperienced candidates.

The South African reality is such that there are many households that rely on the income of working mothers.  Some households with unemployed fathers and some single parent’s households relying solely on the mother’s income.

However, through our years of experience in recruiting for permanent, temporary and flexible staff, we identified that many single mothers could not take up the opportunity offered to them because of the financial challenges in finding and paying for childcare until their first salary.  It is for this reason that we took a decisive action in introducing our unique Dependent Care Assistance benefit.

Khatala Staffing’s Dependent Care Assistance subsidises the childcare needs of newly employed single parents until their first salary, ensuring there are no financial barriers to them successfully taking up their new post and that their productivity and ability to learn the role and possibly new skills is not negatively affected by the worry of having to put their children in the care of unprofessional caregivers or strangers or older children.

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Criteria to determine successful applicants:

  • The applicant must be a registered with Khatala Staffing,
  • The applicant must have accepted an assignment (minimum duration of one month) at a Khatala Staffing client site,
  • The applicant must find her own childcarer or daycare facility,
  • The childcarer or daycare facility must complete Khatala Staffing’s bank detail form for the processing of payment,
  • Dependent Care Assistance is only for one month,
  • The applicant to sign an agreement allowing us to deduct the payment for childcarer or daycare facility services from their first salary.
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