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Contract recruitment

Khatala Staffing appreciates the unique needs for project or skill-specific staff for a set time period and our database of screened and profiled candidates with varied skills and disciplines is the perfect place to find the right person for the right position.
Our recruitment process is 100% legally defensible and our attention to detail and solid contractual services ensure the needs of this specific staffing model are met.

Our contract recruitment, screening and selecting methods include:

  • Candidate sourcing via ‘Connect Track’ which includes:
    • Traditional print advertising
    • Online advertising
    • Text and instant messaging / networking
    • Telephonic and fax communication / networking
    • Social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Candidate interviewing including Competency Based Interviewing methods (Target Selection)
  • Candidate screening, checking and referencing
  • Skills assessment (including psychometric assessment) and testing
  • Client introduction

We recruit for all level positions from entry level to senior management across a wide range of industries.

Working Interview Programme

To ensure our clients get the best candidates for their business, Khatala has developed a Working Intervew Programme.  This programme allows our clients to “try before you buy” while working with and watching the candidates operate in the specified role for a period of four hours. The client is not charged for this ‘working interview’ whether the candidate is successful or not. In the unlikely event of the candidate not meeting the desired expectations, Khatala will offer an immediate replacement candidate.

Contact us today to learn more about our contract recruitment service.

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