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Temporary recruitment

Many South African businesses choose to adopt a flexible staffing model that is managed in accordance with their business needs. Traditionally industries such as hospitality, retail and financial services have increased staff at busy times and decreased staff at less active business times. This trend has recently permeated all industries in an attempt to operate more efficiently and manage human capital costs.

Whether our clients are looking for temporary staff solutions that answer this way of working or simply a more traditional temp to fill a vacant position due to absenteeism, Khatala Staffing will customise a staffing service solution unique to their needs.
We know how to manage large-volume workforces and seasonal peaks. Our systems and processes allow our clients to accelerate their performance and lower workforce costs.

With Khatala Workforce Management capabilities, we can reduce your risk and manage your site, contingent workers, information needs, and staffing needs.

Khatala Staffing offers all our temporary candidates additional compulsory subsidised benefits over and above the statutory requirements and protects them from any wrongful labour practices.

Our recruitment process is 100% legally defensible and our agility ensures a quick response and solution to the often-urgent timelines of this staffing model.

Our temporary recruitment services include:

  • Candidate sourcing via ‘Connect Track’ which includes:
    • Traditional print advertising
    • Online advertising
    • Text and instant messaging / networking
    • Telephonic and fax communication / networking
    • Social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Candidate interviewing including Competency Based Interviewing methods (Target Selection)
  • Candidate screening, checking and referencing
  • Skills assessment (including psychometric assessment) and testing
  • Client introduction and induction
  • Contractual management
  • Pay rolling
  • Scheduling (if required)
  • Performance management
  • Teambuilding interventions

We have industry experience in the following industries:

  • Petrochemical
  • Call centre
  • Telecommunications
  • Government
  • and more

Contact us today to learn more about our temporary recruitment service.

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